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Cuish Espadin-Espadilla Agave Spirits

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Cuish Ensamble Espadin/Espadilla Horno Agave Spirits  750ml

The Mixteca Alta denotes the mountainous border region where northwestern Oaxaca meets southeastern Puebla. The remote communities which speckle the countryside are exceedingly difficult to access, with long winding drives on potholed dirt roads which sometimes are washed away for months out of the year. As a result, many traditions—not least of all agriculture and distillation practices—are often wildly unique, with limited outside influence until more recent decades.

Pantaleón is at least the 4th generation mezcal-producer in his family, living above a lush river in a small rancho community of about 60 people outside Teozacoalco. Mango trees give way to rolling hills of oak and eventually pine as you wind your way out of the valley into the mountains. The mezcales Pantaleón and his family produce are, like the region, a bit different than anything else in Oaxaca.


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