Found North 18 Year Cask Strength Whisky Batch 004

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Found North 18 Year Cask Strength Whisky Batch 004 750ml 

Batch 004 is an 18 year old cask strength whisky, non-chill filtered with no additives and bottled at 62.4% ABV. It is composed of 2 corn components and 2 rye components. The first corn component is the same 25 year from Batch 003 aged in used American oak and then transferred into Hungarian oak. The second corn component was aged for 13 years in used oak before being transferred into new American oak for 8 additional years. The 2 ryes were both aged for 18 years, one in rechar American oak, while the other was further matured in Found North’s favorite ex-Speyside scotch casks. The final grain ratio is 80% corn, 19% rye and 1% malted barley.

Batch 004 presents the rare combination of intense wood sugar and vanillins without any real oaky bitterness. The nose immediately shows burnt brown sugar and molasses, with leather, mahogany and rich milk chocolate. The mid palate is shows sticky maple syrup drizzled over raspberries. The mouthfeel is oily with a tingling harmony of sweetness and spice. There is also a faint tropical fruit note and the finish is savory and sweet with lingering warmth and mild tannins.


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