Fuenteseca Cosecha Blanco Tequila 2013

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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Harry Sun on Aug 28th 2020

    If you like blancos, then you gotta try this. This is a very unique product, starting from the nice wooden box and the seal on the "cork". Amazing stuff - from the nose to the finish.
    Nose: The agave is always present, but what really comes through is the smooth, complex caramel. Then there are scents of cinnamon and citrus (can't exactly place which - orange?).
    Taste: Upon entry, the agave asserts itself. Then you get all the stuff in the nose - cinnamon, citrus, etc.
    Finish: The finish is lingering, smooth with pepper and olive/brine (sign of a solid high-proof expression made using traditional methods).
    The liquid is viscous in the best possible way, which adds the flavor of butter/cream, and (in my opinion) improves the mouth feel. After you let it sit and open for a minute or two, you get more distinct flavors as the high volatility stuff evaporates. Then you get everything in its full glory. Enjoy!

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    Fuenteseca Cosecha Blanco

    Posted by Mark Mooney on Jun 27th 2020

    Up to now this is one of the very best blancos I've ever tasted. No additives. Lots of fresh agave. Amazing.

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    Fuenteseca Cosheca

    Posted by Bob Lesniak on Jun 10th 2020

    An incredible example of a traditional hand crafted Blanco. Tremendous Sweet Agave flavors with a hint of spice and pepper

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    A real revelation in blanco tequila

    Posted by John Welch on May 14th 2017

    Made from a harvest of a single field of agave, this blanco was produced in 2013 and has been rested in stainless steel for the last 3 years. Drinking this blanco is like chewing on a piece of roasted agave in liquid form and the higher proof only serves to accentuate those elements. Roasted, caramelized agave in the mouth and a long sweet finish that resolves to citrus elements make this an outstanding product.

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