Ghost Tequila

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Ghost Tequila Blanco 100% Blue Weber Agave

Ghost Tequila is a marriage of flavors from around the world–namely 100% agave tequila from Jalisco, Mexico and and the infamous, India-born ghost pepper. This 80 proof spicy shooter isn’t for the faint of heart and will linger on your tongue long after it’s gone. Thanks to a mixture of all-natural ingredients, we can guarantee Ghost will go down smoother than the swill you had on spring break–no lime or salt needed. But if you get your kicks with cocktails, Ghost is the perfect base for a Spicy Margarita or a Bloody Maria.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    If you love Spicy food then this is for you

    Posted by Hector Serna on Apr 11th 2019

    I love how smooth it is with some spice at the end of it . I'm a beer drinker so when I found this I was like they finally made something for us Spicy Food lover.

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    Ghost Tequila

    Posted by Candy McClelland on Feb 28th 2019

    The absolute best tequila for Holy Ghosts from Boston!!! Add Pama Pomagranet liquor, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. Enjoy!

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    Ghost Tequila

    Posted by Thomas Valente on Jul 4th 2018

    We need some more options, maybe a mild

  • 5
    Extremely magnificent

    Posted by Gillian Bentz on Mar 8th 2018

    Love the touch of heat on the back of my throat after doing a shot.

  • 5
    Scary good, slightly spicy Tequila!

    Posted by Derek M on Mar 1st 2018

    Ghost Tequila is great to sip (or shoot) by itself, but really shines in margaritas and other mixed drinks -- it's smooth, slightly spicy, and complex. It's 100& agave tequila from Mexico fused with ghost peppers, along with hints of citrus and peppercorn. And fantastic packaging! The heart is a ghost pepper!

  • 5
    Love the HOTNESS

    Posted by Gillian Bentz on Feb 6th 2018

    My boyfriend and I tried this while we were in New Orleans. Fell in love. The smoothness but bite of HOTNESS is a perfect combination.

  • 5
    hot and smooth

    Posted by Edward W Russ on Jan 12th 2018

    I tried it as a shot, and also as a mix with a Bloody Mary. It's great!!

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    Ghost Tequila fills much needed void

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 10th 2018

    I’ve been looking for a spicy tequila to make spicy margaritas. I no longer have to make my own! Ghost tequila has the perfect amount of heat.

  • 5
    Best Tequilla Ever

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 18th 2017

    If you like some spice in your tequila there is no better. Makes an amazing tasting margaretta! Just wish it was sold in VA...

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