Mezcalero No. 23 (2019)

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Mezcalero No. 23 (2019)

Wild sierrudo (in this case, a local name for a cousin of agave Mexicano) distilled in 2015 by Don Cosmé Hernández and his son Cirilo in San Baltazar Guélavila. Displays their usual sofyt but precise touch: notably rich fruit deepened by almost 4 years in tank. 46% abv

Mezcalero is both a brand and an intention. The brand is a way for talented artisan distillers to work with, and gain part of their livelihood from, some very special agaves. The intention goes deeper: to help preserve a way of distilling that is also a way of life, deeply linked to the distiller’s family, to his social environs, to his pueblo, to an entire way of life largely deriving from indigenous culture that is at risk of rapid deterioration under pressure from the modernization of Mexico

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