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Neta Arroqueno Agave Spirits

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Neta Arroqueno Agave Spirits 750ml

In May 2021, Mario acquired 17 piñas of Arroqueño from a magueyero friend in the nearby village of El Zapote. Grown in mineral-rich tierra colorada, Mario selected only capón agaves for the crafting of this 225L batch. Distilled in June 2021 and adjusted with a composition of heads, hearts, and a high proof cut of tails, this delicious batch is a fantastic reflection of the historic flavors and aromas of the valley of Miahuatlán.

Maguey(es): Arroqueño Capón (Agave americana var.)

Provenance of the maguey: cultivated in nearby village of El Zapote

Producer: Mario García Jarquin

Region: Logoche, Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Soil type: red earth tierra colorada

Rest time after oven: five days

Fermentation: Native yeasts, two 1200L capacity Montezuma cypress sabino wood tanks with a total of 1400kg of cooked agave fibers

 Dry fermentation time: 48 hours

Distillation: 2x in copper pot stills



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