O.P. Anderson Aquavit

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O.P. Anderson Aquavit 750ml

In Swedish history, aquavit – in Latin, aqua vitae, means the water of life – is first referenced in an early 16th century letter. O.P. Anderson’s Aquavit is the oldest aquavit of Sweden. Carl August Anderson launched it in 1891 in honor of his father, O.P. Anderson, who was a ship owner, proprietor of a liquor factory, and a member of the Göteborg City Council. 

For centuries, aquavit has been the quintessential spirit of celebration and song in Scandinavian culture. In Sweden, before drinking a small shot of aquavit (a snaps), tradition calls for a vigorous song that glorifies the delicacy of the drink (a snapsvisa). Drinking songs are short and easy to learn, aiming for everyone around the table to join in. 

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