Plantation Trinidad 1997 Single Cask Rum 750ml

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Plantation Trinidad 1997 Single Cask Rum 750ml

Plantation Single Cask rums are limited releases of double-aged Haute Couture rums, first aged in Bourbon casks in the tropics, then further aged in French oak Ferrand casks in the southwest of France. Award winning Cellar Master Alexandre Gabriel (named World's Best Rum Master Blend in 2012) raises each barrel individually using ancestral French ageing elevage techniques: While all Plantation rums are double aged, the Single Cask rums benefit from a further maturation in carefully selected beer, wine or spirit casks, each matched to enhance the rum. Each Single Cask rum takes a unique ageing path to greatness, and each bottle is personalized and numbered. Only a few barrels of these unique reserve rums are bottled annually, making it a collectors piece.

45.2% alc

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