Tapatío Excelencia Tequila Extra Añejo

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Tapatío Excelencia Tequila Extra Añejo  1 LITER

It's amazing .....first sip ... wow!! (Zack)  

One of the oldest tequilas on the market. Distilled in 2000 from 100% Estate grown agave, aged for 5 years in used Excelencia barrels, and an additional 10 years in 5-liter glass jugs. It's one to enjoy neat. The oldest expression from Carlos Camarena's Tapatio brand is rich and butterscotchy with hints of black pepper and citrus. Distilled exclusively from perfectly matured agave at the famous La Alteña distillery in Arandas.

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17 Reviews

  • 5
    Top 5 XA

    Posted by Bryce Taylor on Nov 16th 2020

    This Excelencia Gran Reserva by Tapatio is a treat. This sipper smells as good as it tastes. The nose starts with oak but the cooked agave quickly punches through. There are also hints of sweetness. It reminds me of a caramel crème brûlée. I definitely nose this tequila several times before I dive in and taste it. I then taste the cooked agave and oak simultaneously with the agave giving way to a long oaky sweet warm finish. The lingering taste is nice since this tequila is so well made. I would recommend that you allow this tequila to finish out a nice tequila flight. The price brought the rating down a little bit but I’d still highly recommend that you find it for the best price possible and go for it.

  • 5

    Posted by Mitchell Roth. on Sep 18th 2020

    Spectacular. Woodsy with great flavor.

  • 5

    Posted by MG on May 12th 2020

    Caramel, banana, and sweet vanilla flavors. Vibrant. For me, worth every penny.

  • 5
    Tapatio - surprised smoothness

    Posted by EDWARD HAN on Mar 19th 2020

    I have tried many higher brands tequila in the past (Herradura Suprema, Gran Patron, etc). This Tapatio does not look fancy, but Old Town gave a good description and i took a chance. This tequila is surprisingly VERY smooth and has a great taste and finish. I highly recommend this Tapatio extra anejo: I fully support it . I have already purchased 6 bottles in a short time . Good value .

  • 2
    Not as expected

    Posted by Matt on Feb 26th 2020

    Not nearly as smooth as expected. Not sure if this tequila varies from batch to batch because my experience is radically different than other reviews. I dring a wide range of ultra high end anejo and extra anejo tequilas and this one is NOT a standout for my taste. Grassy and vegetal notes with a slight harshness. The finish is not pleasant. Disappointing.

  • 5
    Tapatio Excelencia

    Posted by Robert Kreul on Jan 2nd 2020

    I have finally TOPPED my list. After an estimated (50) different tequilas, TAPATIO Excelencia Extra Añejo is now my VERY BEST tequia I have ever tasted.

    Cheers and HNY

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    Tapatio Excelencia Tequila Extra Anejo

    Posted by Diana on Nov 26th 2019

    I actually forgot the description of this tequila and had the price of this confused with another extra anejo I had ordered. This is the more expensive but far less smooth, not as good of a sipping tequila in my opinion. I mixed it in a margarita and it was fantastic but I can pay far less for good tequila for mixed drinks.

  • 3
    It's ok

    Posted by Carlos A Patino on Nov 7th 2019

    I was disappointed with this tequila. As others have mentioned, it is not as smooth as they say. I found it to be a bit bitter. At this price I want a good sipping tequila. This may be a good shooting tequila, but not a sipper. I will never buy this again.

  • 5
    Tapatio Excelencia Tequila Extra Anejo

    Posted by JHC on Oct 30th 2019

    Tapatio never lets you down. Simply put a fine Extra Anejo Tequila. I highly recommend it.

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