Adan Y Eva Extra Anejo Tequila (New Bottle)

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Adan Y Eva Extra Anejo Tequila (New Bottle) 750ml  3.5 years aged

Slightly on the sweet side a smooth great price Extra Anejo


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    Adan y Eva Extra Anejo

    Posted by Clint Baxstrom on Mar 26th 2021

    Understanding my scaling rating.
    1 = Poor, 5 = Average, 10 = Excellent.
    Almost never give out a 1 or a 10.

    Review of the Adan y Eva. This tequila is not as sweet nor smooth as other Extra Anejo’s i've tasted, I would categorize it closer to a young Anejo with deep coloring. The coloring is dark caramel which hints to long aging in oak barrels, or more likely new barrels. The initial taste has hints flowering, cinnamon and spices that fill your taste buds. As an entry level Extra Anejo the Value cannot be beat at $39 per bottle, but it's just a little too robust for me to buy this bottle again.

    Bottle presentation = 4 (though the graphics are pretty, the bottle is average looking and the negative is it has a screw off cap)
    Tequila coloring and smell = 5 nothing real special average
    Taste Initial = 6 (pleasant taste initially)
    After taste = 3 (leaves some harsh dryness in your mouth for a Extra Anejo)
    Value = 7 (for 39$ great value, bad for a entry level sipping tequila which is what it is.
    Would make for a better high end margarita.)

    Over all I give this a 5 out of 10 for a “sipping tequila” only because of the price, but if this bottle was 50$ I would place it at a 4 out of 10.

    About me.. I'm a recent Tequila sipping connoisseur for 2 years, and I've tried several. Moved on from Scotch and Whisky to a more refined taste which I consider is Tequila.
    Enjoy and salud !

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