Amatiteña Tequila Blanco 750ml

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Amatiteña Tequila Blanco 750ml is a new 100% agave tequila, with no additives and only using agave harvested at maturity with the traditional jimador method. The agave for Amatiteña begins its process with slow cooking in a stone oven over low and direct heat from local woods, thus preserving the soft and sweet flavors of the agave, yet giving it a unique delicate aroma and first impression like many of the traditional tequilas of generations past.  After cooking, the agaves head over to the tahona where the juices and honeys from the agave are extracted with the gentle crushing of the large stone tahona. Next the juice is naturally fermented where wild yeasts are responsible for transforming the agave into alcohol, where it is then distilled in copper pot stills from France, done over slow direct heat.  Now the tequila is finally ready!  Amatiteña is bottled at 84 proof.

42% alc


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2 Reviews

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    Posted by KC W on Feb 8th 2022

    Blanco Very smoky

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    Posted by Lindsay Laserson on Aug 12th 2021

    Wow! what an exquisite tequila. A dream silver with grassy agave subtle notes, just perfect for a hot summer day or a cozy winters night. The bottle is not only tasty but also beautiful. Great for a gift or just a cool bottle to have on your bar. I strongly recommend this bottle to anybody who knows and loves good tequila. You will not be disappointed!

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