Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Limited Edition Jamaican Rum

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For only the second time in its 269 year history, Appleton Estate, the oldest continuously producing rum distillery in Jamaica has introduced a 30 year old rum expression, that astounds in depth and flavor. 

Master distiller Joy Spence, used a blend that includes rums from 30 to over 50 years old to create an 86 proof expression that has complex flavors such as vanilla, baked pears, honey, and unusual for rum, a hint of maple.

“This Appleton Estate 30 Year Old is one of my favorite relases because It celebrates years of fine, handcrafted rums in the Nassau Valley of Jamaica,” says Master Distiller Spence, who recommends drinking the Appleton Estate 30 Year Old neat or on the rocks.


86 Proof

Product of Jamaica 


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