Caballito Cerrero

Caballito Cerrero Agave Azul Blanco 46

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Caballito Cerrero Blanco Agave Azul 46

Though not technically certified as either tequila or mezcal, this may be as close as we come today to the unique spirit that made ‘Vino de Mezcal de Tequila’ famous in the late 19th Century.  The second exported batch from the legendary Santa Rita Fabrica uses 100% Agave Azul (Agave tequilana), also known as Blue Weber, the only variety certified by the CRT for use in modern tequila.

El Caballito Cerrero was created in 1950 by Don Alfonso Jimenez Rosales and translates to "The one that doesn't need horseshoes”. The name suggests some tension as Don Alfonso founded El Caballito Cerrero when he left Tequila Herradura, a company of which he was a founding partner.




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