Cazcanes Tequila

Cazcanes No. 10 Blanco Tequila Nom 1614

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Cazcanes No. 10 Blanco Tequila Nom 1614

"Cazcanes Tequila is proud to announce our move to our new home at NOM 1614. After nearly a year of preparation and anticipation, the Cazcanes team is thrilled to bring our customers an elevated experience.

 Our new distillery is equipped with an horno (a traditional brick oven) and a tahona (a volcanic stone wheel used to crush cooked agave), providing us with endless possibilities for new projects. Our talented tequileros will now work in a larger facility with many more tools and amenities. 

 Cazcanes is also proud to announce that Francisco "Chico" Jiménez Lazcarro will continue as our master distiller, bringing his exceptional 39 years of tequila-making experience to our new home. His expertise is instrumental in ensuring that Cazcanes continues to produce the highest quality, additive-free tequila our customers know and love. Chico will continue to work alongside Colin Edwards and the entire Cazcanes team to ensure that our new distillery maintains the same level of excellence our customers expect.

 Over the last 10+ months, we have worked diligently to fine-tune our process to ensure that the quality and flavor profile our customers count on remains constant. At NOM 1614, we conducted blind taste tests with industry experts, confirming that the unique flavor profile of Cazcanes has been maintained and even enhanced in our new home. As a result, we have successfully brought the Cazcanes DNA to NOM 1614, and we are excited about what this new chapter has to offer.

 Our commitment to producing the highest quality, additive-free tequila (confirmed by Tequila Matchmaker) remains unchanged. In addition, we are proud to announce that Cazcanes Tequila is now certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO, further reinforcing our dedication to delivering the highest quality tequila to our customers."

 -Cazcanes Family

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