Cherry Pie Pinot Noir 2017

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While walking through a new vineyard for his now famous Cherry Pie Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir, Winemaker Jayson Wood-bridge was struck with a new concept: applying his “micro fermentation” technique used on Cherry Pie to three vineyards, in order to create a “Multi-Single-Vineyard blend”. 

Cherry Pie defines a wine making approach and technique whereby a micro fermentation approach is applied to a single-vineyard wine. Each vineyard pass and lot is fermented in open top oak puncheons to allow more complexity and variety in the phenolic, aromatic and flavor components of the wine, producing a completely unique representation of the Pinot Noir Grape.  

Utilizing the unique taste and flavor profiles of three single vineyards, combined with the artisan micro wine making approach of its namesake Cherry Pie, small individual lots are micro fermented in puncheon barrels. 

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