Crotalo Extra Anejo 7 Years

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 Its the best , and its a must to any tequila collectors

Crótalo Extra Añejo Gran Reserva is double barrel aged for a total of 7 years. It is aged for 3 years in French Oak Barrels and is finished for 4 years in our proprietary oak barrels. Crótalo Extra Añejo Gran Reserva has a limited production of 1000 bottles and is released every two years. Quite simply this is the best of the best. 

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6 Reviews

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    Posted by John on Aug 5th 2019

    Very good, nice and smooth with just a hint of tequila bite on the back side, really enjoy this

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    Crotalo extre anejo 7yrs

    Posted by John Innocenzi on Dec 10th 2018

    This Tequila is not what I was expecting.
    It in ways reminds me of Bourbon.
    Was expecting a much smoother or softer product.
    Some may appreciate but in my case I'll go back to Clase Azul.

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    Crotalo extre anejo 7yrs

    Posted by John Innocenzi on Dec 6th 2018

    To me a most disappointing purchase.
    Was expecting smooth, easy sipping tequila.
    Reviews exaggerat the quality of this product.
    Cannot recommend.

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    Crotalo extre anejo 7yrs

    Posted by Inno2 on Dec 3rd 2018

    Bought this black Friday sale.
    Sorry, totally dissatisfied with this.
    No wonder it's for sale, totally overpriced.
    Why I went away from Clase Azul for this, big mistake.
    If I could return this I would.

    Management :
    Sorry you felt that way
    This is one of the best and not overprice .
    Thank you

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    CROTALO Gran Reserva

    Posted by FDZNMSTR_61 on Jul 12th 2018

    Crotalo Gran Reserva is stunning. This is truly a craft tequila. The unique barrel aging produces an amazing depth of flavor layers. This is an oily, rich and opulent tequila. Meant to be enjoyed by passionate tequila lovers.

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    Nice piece

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12th 2018

    Iam a tequila collector can’t pass on this one

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