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Del Maguey Tobaziche Mezcal Artesanal

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Del Maguey Tobaziche Mezcal Artesanal distiller notes:

Del Maguey Single Village® Mezcal brings you a special limited edition from our Vino De Mezcal series from Marcos Cruz, the son of Pacia-
no, our palenquero of San Luis del Rio. This remarkable Tobaziche is crafted completely from wild magueys. Tobaziche is a member of the Karwinskii family, the “upright agaves,” and is closely related to Madre- cuixe. The corazon is actually the trunk of the plant, and is roasted underground in the centuries-old tradition, fermented in open wooden tanks with ambient, wild yeasts, and distilled to proof in copper alembic stills. The resulting artesanal mezcal has incredibly sweet fruit notes and a rich yet soft mid-palate, but it is also incredibly mineral-driven, re- markably complex, and has a very long finish. It is a cornucopia of trop- ical fruit, with the characteristic green herb, capsicum and dusty quality of Tobaziche, with an unmistakeable, crazy, zingy quality!

Production Notes:

Village: San Luis Del Rio
Palenquero: Familia Cruz Nolasco, Paciano and son, Marcos State: Oaxaca
Region: Valles Centrales
Maguey: Wild Tobaziche
Agave Species: A. karwinskii
Age of Maguey: 12-15 years
Elevation: Over 4000 feet (1300 meters)
Roast Duration: 4-6 days
Type of Wood: Quebrachi, Huamuchil, Pitayo, Pochotle, Copal Tepomaco, Pino, Encino
Milling: Molino, Horse
Size of Tinas: 1400 L
Fermentation Duration: 15-25 days
Water Source: Rio Hormiga Colorada
Still Type: Copper
Still Size: 350 L
ABV of Mezcal: 47%

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