Hacienda De Banuelos De Zacatecas Mezcal

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Hacienda De Banuelos  Mezcal 750ml

Zacatecas is the state in Mexico just north of Jalisco with a long history of agave distillation. The Bañuelos family are a fourth generation taberna(distillery) in the southernmost part of the region.The label is reflective of Jaime and his son Fortino’s passion for working with horses. This exceptional Mezcal has some similar characteristics to tequila due to its use of Blue Weber agave and steam cooking but the wild fermentation and distinct minerality trait of Zacatecas sets it apart.

Fermentation: natural fermentation with wild yeast-no additives or accelerators
Distillation: double distilled
Still type: alambique (alembic)
Water source: natural spring
Proof: 80.8(40.4% abv)

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