That Boutique-y 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky #1 375ml

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That Boutique-y 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky #1  375ml distiller notes:

The label on our Blended Whisky #1 is something of a metaphor. It’s a perfectly smooth sphere, free of any spikey bits - just like the whisky itself. Does the sphere taste like the excellent whisky? We don’t know. We only visualised what the sphere looked like in our minds as we were creating the whisky, for inspiration and that. We didn’t think to taste the sphere. Look, the yummy blended whisky probably tastes way better than the sphere anyway, stop focusing so much on the bloomin’ sphere!

Tasting note:
Nose: Rich dark chocolate, polished leather, and walnut. Hints of mochaccino and Chinese salted dried plums.

Palate: Darkly decadent, it’s rich, thick, and coats the inside of your mouth with a subtle sweetness; treacle, and black cherry pipe tobacco, alongside velvet-like chocolate

Finish: Black Forest Gâteau with a pinch of salt before the tannins start to dry the mouth. Glorious!

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