Clase Azul platino

Clase Azul platino 750mm

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    Clase Azul Platino 750mm

    CLASE AZUL TEQUILA PLATA 750mmDistilled from organic 100% Blue Weber Agave with a deep, rich body & a very smooth flavor.

    This is one of the smoothest blanco tequila , a must have to any party , or just sip straight with any food or by it self.




    Clase Azul platino 750mm

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    1. one of a kind

      Top choice for smooth, no after-taste, high quality sippers. stock up now! on May 1st 2017

    2. Great tequila

      Clase is one of the best. The plating is very smooth. Smoothest of all the clear tequilas I've tasted. Can't wait to order more. on Mar 6th 2017

    3. Best Silver Money Can Buy!

      I had enjoyed the Clase Azul Reposado on various occasions and appreciated the story behind its origin. The Clase Azul Silver is simply delicious! I am not usually a Blanco drinker as my preference is a good Anejo or Grand Anejo, but let me tell you this is a Silver to sip on the rocks with a squeeze of lime and truly savor!
      The smooth way it goes into your mouth, during the time in your mouth a delicate sweetness rises through the swallow which has just enough of a tequila bite to make you remember what you are drinking. This Silver has given me a new appreciation for this type of Tequila and I just purchased my 2nd bottle in (too embarrassed to say) a short time! The value at the current price point is incredible and it comes to you in a very nice bottle!
      on Jul 23rd 2016

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