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    One of the best Reposado in the market.Here is where our blue agaves grow for seven to eight years, caressed with the warmth of the Mexican sun, nourished by the summer rains, and protected from the harsh and cold winter winds.Visit us and you will feel like you stepped back in time……to the days in 1856 when Don Cenobio, my Great-Great Grandfather, in Spanish called “Tatarabuelo,” arrived in the town of Tequila. Don Cenobio, the first to export Tequila to the United States in 1860’s, started his own brand in 1870’s. His son Don Eladio, my Great-Grandfather or “Bisabuelo,” continued the tradition of making tequila until his death where he passed the tradition to his son, Don Javier, my Grandfather or “Abuelo.”My Abuelo built the business to become the number one tequila producer in the world and then he sold it to Pedro Domecq Mexico in 1976. Fortunately, my Abuelo, left us with our lands and a small distillery named “LA FORTALEZA,” which means Fortitiude. It was built over a century ago, and was shut down and turned into a tourist museum in 1968 because its traditional process was too “inefficient.” In 1999, we decided to restore our old distillery to produce the finest tequila, using long abandoned, artisan methodology. In 2002, after 34 years as a tourist museum, LA FORTALEZA distilled its first liter of our authentic handcrafted Tequila! This product will be available in Mexico only under the label name "Los Abuelos"

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    1. So very good!

      Recently ordered 3 different bottles of tequila: Siete Leguas Blanco, Don Abraham Organic Anejo Single Estate & Fortaleza. We took them all on vacation with 8 people total. While the other tequilas are quite good, the Fortaleza didn't even make it 2 days on our week long trip. It is the perfect sipping tequila...well balanced and delicious. In my humble opinion, this is the best value out there. on Aug 28th 2017

    2. best sipping reposado!

      wonderful! on May 29th 2017

    3. good reposado

      I have tried a lot of reposados some smooth and citrus some more flavorful with hints of vanilla. Fortaleza is a smooth reposado which hints of citrus but didn't wow me or make me go out and search for a bottle. If I was able to get it locally I would buy it now and again but not worth the shipping costs since i have good equivalents I can locally source. on Dec 29th 2016

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