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    Aged a full 5 years in a charred white oak, retired bourbon barrel, this work of art merges smooth taste while taking every essence of it's barrel. This 12 year process delivers a world class drink simply superior to any.

    In the shadow of the great volcano "Tequila", nestled in the lowlands rich and fertile Blue Agave fields of Amatitan, Jalisco Mexico where some say God himself kissed the earth, lived an honest, simple man of great integrity... 

    Don Juan Alejandro, truly felt blessed being a part of this magical land. Steadfast to embracing his gift from God coupled with a passion for his craft, the reputation of a heartfelt tequila was born. While others mass-produced, Juan Alejandro refused to ever compromise the Soil, Agave, or the Tequila's integrity. In the immortal words of Don Juan Alejandro, "whatever your craft may be, be great & never quit and God shall bless your path".

    On behalf of my ancestors, I proudly present a Superior Tequila. Throughout every step of its production, taste the heart & passion of Mexico in every bottle. 

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    1. Very smooth

      I've always drank tequila straight out of the bottle and chased it with water. Nice to find a tequila made for sipping instead of shot after shot. on Sep 25th 2017

    2. Indescribably terriffic

      This tequila is fan-freaking-tastic! I’ve never been much of, or even dared to call myself a tequila drinker. 99% of the time I’d have it in a mixed drink when I did drink it except for the very, very rare straight shot. I’ve never in my life had any straight tequila that smelled so inviting and went down so smooth. This is now my one and only tequila and it will be straight. I now call myself a tequila drinker. on Sep 21st 2017

    3. Great Extra Anejo

      This is the most flavorful smoothest tequila I have ever tried. If you have never tried extra anejo you need to try it. I had people that say they don't like tequila drinking this and they loved it.
      A old fashioned made with this will blow your mind. 2oz extra anejo tequila, 1/2oz simple syrup, chocolate bitters (couple of shakes) stirred over ice, strain over fresh ice, lemon peel for garnish. This is so simple and so good. You will crave this tequila if you don't have it for a couple of days. This is my favorite drink.
      on Sep 21st 2017

    4. One of the Best Tequilas i have ever had

      Great Product with a great story..
      Name will make you laugh but the taste will shock you..
      It is a must have !
      on Sep 19th 2017

    5. Juan tequila...

      I do have to say... this liquor is one of the most smoothest tequila I have tasted in a long long time.To me it's a sipping tequila, not a shooter. I guess you can do that, but for the price I prefer to sip it.You need to sip it and savor the flavor that it gives you. I had it with some good friends relaxing one evening after a joe rogan concert. It was a perfect topper to a funny evening. Luv it.. on Aug 21st 2017

    6. "Number Juan" is not just the name of the top shelf tequila it is..

      It's the smoothest "sippin tequila" you'll ever NOT need salt & lime to get down!
      Just the smell of it will make your taste buds jump up & down yellin "their not stopping me!"
      You'll TRULY understand the word "smooth" after you've swilled it around your glass smelling it to tease your taste buds one more time! Then, once it's been introduced to those taste buds,
      This "top shelf tequila" has just changed their life ... Never again will ANYTHING get by them that doesn't meet the standards of "Number Juan Tequila", life will become difficult for you if you try to slam down inferior imposters which is expressed by the scrunched up face your making as you suck on that wedge of lime!
      on Jul 20th 2017

    7. Best Extra Anejo I ever tasted

      Ron White turned me on to this brand. Without getting in to detail, this tequila had my wife and I smiling ear to ear with the first sip. Thank you Ron, Alex and of course, Opie. on Jul 11th 2017

    8. Ron White Tequila

      Purchase a bottle from one of your vendor. It was packaged very well and secure. Love the tequila very good and has great taste. on Jul 4th 2017

    9. A Diasappointment.

      After such great reviews, I had hoped this would be better. Casa de Oro and Addictivo are head and shoulders above this tequila. on Jun 15th 2017

    10. numberjuan double anejo

      excellent on Apr 17th 2017

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