Number Juan

Number JUAN in a Million Extra Anejo Tequila

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  • Number JUAN in a Million Extra Anejo Tequila
  • Number JUAN in a Million Extra Anejo Tequila
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Number JUAN in a Million Extra Anejo Tequila  10th anniversary.

The merging of Alex and Ron’s dream with the craftsmanship of Rivesca distillery birthed
Number JUAN Tequila in early 2012. What you have enjoyed to date has been the artistry of
Nestor Rivera, Master Distiller. However, in those early days Alex and Ron wanted to establish
their print on something special for select supporters, (like you) in the future. Alex and Ron
partook in the harvesting of an 8-year-old field, then they helped load its yield into traditional
stone ovens for cooking, (no diffusers). After three days in the oven, they eagerly watched the
double distillation process using spring water from the great volcano Tequila. It was from this
first batch of Number JUAN Blanco that Alex and Ron set aside 2,500 liters to age in retired
white oak American bourbon Barrels, anticipating our future 10th anniversary. The time of
celebration has come as we enter out 10th year. We proudly present a magical Extra Anejo aged
116 months, (9.6 years) that encompasses the love and tradition of both Number JUAN and the
Rivesca distillery into every bottle.

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