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123 Organic Anejo Tequila Tres

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On a morning when three brilliant roosters (tototl) greet the dawn with hopeful songs of renewal, mature agave plants at the hacienda are ready to be hand harvested and Organic Blanco tequila awakens from its eighteen months slumber in white oak barrels to be reborn as Anejo (Tres) Tequila. Just as the rooster has long been a symbol of virility and power in Mexican folklore, the complex aromatic bouquet and deep golden hue of Anejo (Tres) Tequila are signs of its superior quality and lengthy aging. Enjoy Anejo (Tres) tequila as you would any fine, aged spirit by savoring the mastery of its limited production and the mystery of its ancient legend.

“96 Points” Tasting Panel

-From Distiller


40% alc

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Ben on Sep 20th 2022

    Great balanced, flavorful, smooth sipping tequila that doesn't empty your wallet. Just as good and/or better than many more expensive brand name tequilas I have tried. Delicious!

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    3 organic anejo

    Posted by Mitch Vierra on Aug 27th 2020

    For the price, my best anejo.. this consistently beats $100 tequilas in taste tests.. it is perfectly balanced not Swaying too much on oak, vanilla or spice.. a great finish

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    123 (3) Anejo - Great taste and value!!!

    Posted by Stephen Merrill on May 11th 2020

    This is a tequila I buy over and over. Everyone likes it, very smooth, great taste, a tequila you must add to your collection!!!

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    Tres Organic Anejo

    Posted by David D on Oct 26th 2018

    If you like to shoot Patron in loud bars, don't buy this because I may need the extra inventory. Tres far surpasses anything in even higher price ranges-better sipping than most high end bourbons. Take your time and it'll warm you right up.

  • 5
    1-2-3 tequila anejo "trees"

    Posted by Mitch Vierra on May 14th 2018

    5 stars, for the price the BEST tequila on the market, perfectly balanced, great nose, great finish.. I have poured this for 10, yes 10 of my friends and they all say the same thing... "wow, that's incredible

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    Five star tequila for a great price

    Posted by Steve on Oct 10th 2017

    123 Tequila Anejo (3) is a fantastic tequila for the price. We did double blind study and everyone picked 123 Anejo over Don Julio 1942. My brother-in-law loves the Blanco (1). Many flavors hit your tongue and palate, oak, caramel, and a very smooth taste. I highly recommend this tequila!!!

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    Big surprise , great quality tequila

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 20th 2017

    I had bought 15 bottles of "special" tequila and the 123 "tres" was the surprise of the group... This is a great tequila, phenominal on the nose, and as clean and balanced as anything I have ever tasted. unique and refined, yes, I like this better than the Diablito, and the Diablito is excellent... I still cannot get over how good this is..

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