1921 Tequila Blanco 750ml

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Tequila “1921” was formed by a group of tequila aficionados who recaptured the traditional craftsmanship in the making of tequila. The tools and process used today are identical to those used in the 18th century. This procedure creates a tequila that is fragrant, complex and extremely smooth.

Some years ago, in the Hacienda La Colorada, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, an important discovery was made when the old house was undergoing renovation. A secret passage was found that led to a surprising and luxurious wine cellar filled with valuable objects such as gold coins, chapel relics, and coffers filled with memories and history.

Among the most intriguing items found were bottles that sparkled when first touched by light. These bottles which had been hidden for six decades, bore an almost illegible clay label and contained a liquid that turned out to be tequila of exceptional quality. It had surely been destined for the owners of the Hacienda. To celebrate this discovery, we have selected a probable date of the event, “1921”, the same year in which the Mexican Revolution concluded. We also duplicated the bottle, seeking to conserve the beauty and the original state in which it was found.

The “blue weber agave” is the spices from which our tequila is obtained. Because blue weber agave requires nines years growing time before it can be harvested, it yields a liquid with a distinctively high concentration of sugar. Consequently, this plant is reserved only for the most refined tequilas.

Its slow and careful growth is a symbol of the patience and care given by man to obtain all that is worthwhile. This tequila is a symbol that represents our culture and traditions. When the blue weber agave has reached its maturity, the “jimador” (the agave plant expert) chooses, cuts and sends it to the ovens.

The agave is slowly steamed in our exclusive adobe and stone ovens in order to obtain the required sugar level. This process takes 24 hours, more than twice as long as some Tequila manufacturers.

Once it has been cooked, it undergoes a grinding process in the “tahona” (giant millstone) where the gentle extraction of the syrup allows the fibers of the agave to remain intact. This produces a “free run” syrup whose yield is substantially less than other methods but helps ensure a Tequila with a smooth finish.

The syrup that is obtained is separated and stored away in wooded vats, allowing it time to ferment and convert to “must” that is then twice distilled through copper alembics to obtain this extraordinary tequila.

Maturity is achieved by placing the tequila in the white oak barrels where it settles and ages in large stone cellars, which maintain an exact temperature, light and humidity. This process endows the tequila with a unique quality distinguishing it from any other beverage.

Tequila “1921” is among a very limited number of 100% Agave tequilas. These must be tasted using a deep, shallow and open wineglass or snifter. These features allow the adequate oxygenation and correct temperature required for full enjoyment.

Due to its careful and deliberated process, Tequila “1921” production is very limited. People who enjoy the art of tasting will savor this unique treasure.

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    1921 Tequila

    Posted by Joe Duarte on Nov 25th 2019

    Very smooth just a little raspy

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