Agua del Sol

Agua Del Sol Espadin Destilado Con Maiz Y Cacao Agave Spirit

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Agua Del Sol Espadin Destilado Con Maiz Y Cacao Agave Spirit 750ml

Maestro Mezcalera: Berta Vasquez.

Mtra. Berta Vázquez is a Zapotec woman and master mezcalera from the community of San Baltazar Chichicápam in the District of Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca.

From a young age, Mtra. Berta was left a widow with five children, and took over her husband's distillery in order to provide for her family. For an eight or nine ton roast, however, a mezcaler needs a team of at least five. At first, Mtra. Berta says that her position was challenging, since mezcal production was male-dominated, and it was difficult for her to manage a team of men prone to machismo.

In addition to the frustration that she experienced due to her gender; she was also criticized by people in the community: “What could that woman be doing alone in the fields with so many men?” “She’s a witch,” they would say, “how else could her agave yield so much mezcal?” Mtra. Berta prefers to ignore the gossip and spend her days at work in the fields; “that is where I find peace and talk to my magueyes,” she says. 

With patience and tenacity, Mtra. Berta rose above and is now  well regarded locally and globally. Her children are professionals, and she is a successful businesswoman and one of the most recognized mezcal producers in the world.



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