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Black Sheep

Black Sheep Tequila Blanco (New Bottle)

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Black Sheep Tequila Blanco (New Bottle) 750ml

The additive free Black Sheep Tequila Blanco is a delicate, lovely white tequila that deserves top-shelf attention. Most “Blancos” are heavy with vegetal agave notes—which can be pleasant but are often overpowering and sometimes harsh. The Black Sheep’s taste is refined, but also full of flavor. Black Sheep’s Blanco is made with 100% Weber blue agave and is quite creamy in mouth feel. The round body leads to a smooth finish, that is complex and interesting and easy to drink.

The Exclusive Quality & Excellence

Black Sheep’s Exclusive Tequila’s handcrafted process is painstakingly meticulous, rarely practiced, and is a process that starts by slowly crushing the cooked agave to break the bonds of fiber and release the rich agave juice. From here, both the juice and the agave fiber are placed together into open air wooden fermentation vats and heated and cooled for just over three and half days, and then distilled in small-capacity, handmade copper pot stills.

Black Sheep tequila controls the process from the farm to bottle, enabling superior quality and consistency. Providing a trusted and memorable luxury brand, for new and unsuspecting “Tequila” drinkers.

The Tequila connoisseur will appreciate the stand-alone style that is re-shaping the category, as this black sheep goes against the grain, providing better ingredients, and a superior product.

Additive Free, 100% Pure Highland Mature Agave


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