Bonampak Rum

Bonampak Mexican Chiapas Coffee Rum

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Bonampak Coffee Mexican Chiapas Rum 750ml


Infused with Organic Chiapas Coffee


On the nose, this delicate expression of deep and opulent amber rum offers us unquestionable aromas of coffee, braised marshmallow, vanilla and roasted barrels. On the palate, it opens a mild coffee flavor, then gives way to a slight bitterness typical of its aging that leaves an enduring wealth of flavor. This premium rum delivers an unparalleled balance, sweet, round, velvety, a pleasure on the palate. A tribute to the great coffee of our land.

RATINGS:                   94 points, The Tasting Panel, June 2020

ALC VOL:                   35% (70 proof)

REGION:                     Chiapas, Mexico

DISTILLATION:            sugarcane juice (pot still) molasses (single column still)
WATER SOURCE:         natural spring, water treated to softened (demineralized) 
INGREDIENTS:             estate grown sugar cane, molasses, locally sourced organic Chiapas coffee for infusions
PROOFS:                        off-the-pot-still 130 proof.   colum still: 150 proof
MATURATION:             3 years American oak (80%) Chiapas oak wood (20%)­­­
FILTRATION:                charcoal before resting and maturation, press filtered before bottling

COLOR ADDED:         none

SUGAR ADDED:         none

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