Cabal Tequila

Cabal Old Town Single Barrel Organic Anejo Tequila

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 Cabal Old Town Single Barrel Organic Anejo Tequila  750ml


Cabal Old Town 120L Single Barrel Organic Anejo Tequila  750ml

1/150 bottles only!

Ex Sonoma Whiskey Cherrywood Non-smoked bourbon barrel

Sonoma Distillery's Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon is uniquely delicious spirit that cold smokes 13% malted barley with cherrywood fire. Our award winning organic blanco spends 14 months in a half size barrel, thus allowing our blanco to directly engage more often with the wood walls, increasing both the flavor and complexity to give you a balanced and elegant Añejo.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: sweet cooked agave, deep and savory notes of dried apricots, peaches, and plum layered with hints of dark chocolate and peppered orange zest 

Palate: sweet cooked agave beautifully layered with both bright notes of tangerine citrus and dried pitted fruits finishing with a viscous and balanced undertone of cacao and robust baking spices




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