Caviar Gems

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  • Premium Caviar Gems
  • Premium Caviar Gems


Caviar Gems is (nearly) as pleasing to the eye as to the palate, ranging from a shimmering black to a sumptuous amber, all of it fairly bursting with robust buttery-nut luxuriance.  Caviar Gems is the first and only premium caviar that is shelf-stable—good for up to a year, absolutely no refrigeration required. Humanely harvested from ultra-high grade Osetra sturgeon raised sustainably on small, carefully selected American farms, Caviar Gems is crafted using a proprietary technology that draws on heritage technique. The result   is endlessly versatile—savor Caviar Gems straight out of the jar for a snack,over dishes, as a garnish for cocktails...however you like!

Jar contains 1 oz of Caviar Gems

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