Cierto Tequila

Cierto Tequila Private Collection Extra Anejo

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Cierto Tequila Private Collection Extra Anejo 750ml

“A delicate and elegant extra añejo with finely restrained oak and exceptional texture. This is an exceptionally smooth and silky tequila.”

A great balance of wood and spirit on the tongue, while maintaining a soft, smooth texture. Classy and restrained, with a soft, gentle finish.”

Cierto is authentic, ultra-premium tequila meticulously handcrafted from the finest agave in Mexico. Cierto means “true” in Spanish and that’s the perfect way to describe our incredibly smooth tasting tequilas.

While many brands of tequila use small immature agave, high pressure diffusers, and additives such as glycerin, fake colors and artificial flavors, Cierto is completely different. 

We only use healthy, fully mature agave hand selected by our fourth and fifth generation agaveros. We cook the agave slowly and carefully, and we never add anything artificial to our tequila. Cierto is 100% pure, natural, true tequila.

The Cierto Private and Reserve Collections embody eight rare and distinct agave expressions made from 100% Blue Weber agave from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. When you taste Cierto, you will see why tequila experts around the globe have called Cierto the “World’s Finest Tequila.”


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1 Review

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    Posted by Heath Close on Jun 14th 2024

    Very good! I am still working my way through the bottle, but I have enjoyed the flavor and processing of tequila.

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