Clairin Vaval Rum

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Clairin Vaval Haitian Rum 750 ml 48.8% alc

Village: Cavaillon

Harvest: 2016

Sugar Cane Variety: Madame Meuze

Fermentation: Spontaneous, 100% Sugar Cane Juice, Wild Yeasts

Distillation: Pot Still

Master Distiller: Fritz Vaval

Fritz Vaval is the owner of the Arrawaks distillery in Cavaillon, in the south of the country, near the beautiful beaches of Aquin. The Vaval family has owned the distillery since 1947.

Fritz, who has run the business for many years, is the owner of 20 hectares of land planted with varieties of Madame Meuze sugar cane, cultivated naturally.

The Nazon-type Clairin, which is produced from pure cane juice, is fermented naturally with wild yeast and distilled in one continuous copper column still with 10 trays and a homemade condenser made from a gasoline can.

Fritz has also aged Clairin in barrels, and the results he obtained are extremely interesting.

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2 Reviews

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    Mind Blowing

    Posted by Michael Rabb on Sep 19th 2019

    This Clairin is truly unlike anything I've tasted and its amazing! the care that has gone into honoring the farmers and the tradition is inspiring. if you have yet to try Clairin waste no time

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    It is unique

    Posted by Jordan on Nov 26th 2018

    It is unique, but it is very funky. Reminds me of some cheap baijiu I've had in china. Taste kind of like old socks. It's too painful to sip neat and unmixable because the old sock/burning rubber taste is too strong and refuses to be muted. I've had other agricoles but this is nothing like them

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