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Codigo 1530 Blanco 375ml

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There is never a corner cut in Código 1530’s production. The sole purpose is to make the most selective tequila in the world using only perfect inputs and age old secret family processes.

We use fully-matured agave aged over 7 years, ensuring each batch of agave’s Brix level (sugar content) meets our high standards.

Each drop of Amatitán water we use is from freshwater pools and rainwater, filtered through the volcanic soil of Los Bajos.

Our proprietary chopper allows us to extract only the best juice and pulp from the first press of agave to garner the purest flavor.

Our fermentation process is highlighted by an organic yeast from a small family bakery in Amatitán.

We add no chemicals, flavoring or sugar to maintain the rich, natural flavor of Los Bajos agave.

We use the finest Napa Cabernet French White Oak Barrels in our time-honored family aging process, embracing the clean elegance of wine making to produce a uniquely delicate finish.

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