Copalli Barrel Rested Rum

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The double distillation of single estate sugarcane juice, use of exclusively full-bodied pot still distillation, and aging in American Oak used bourbon barrels creates the rich and sweet Copalli Barrel Rested Rum that tastes delicious neat, and is a powerful and flavorful base for your favorite rum cocktail.

Copalli Rum is an organic single estate rum sustainably distilled in the heart of the Belizean rainforest. Copalli Rum is made from three ingredients sourced from our own farm including non-GMO heirloom sugar cane, pure rainforest canopy water sourced directly from the surrounding jungle and yeast.

There is nothing to hide about Copalli Rum. Every part of the rum is sourced, distilled, barreled, aged and bottled at Copal Tree Farms and Distillery in rural southern Belize. The craft distillery prioritizes slightly less efficient processing and a lower yield per pound of hand cut organic heirloom sugarcane in favor of richer and more complex taste profiles. Copal Tree Farms does not add anything to the rum - unlike many rums available on the market that are made from molasses and utilize chemicals, artificial flavoring, coloring and extra sugar.

Copal Tree farm and distillery is certified Organic and surrounded by 22,000 acres of Rainforest conservancy, established by the founders and set against the Mayan Mountains. Copal Tree supports the local community as the largest employer in Southern Belize while providing educational grants for local children and promoting sustainability with everything it does: the inputs are heirloom and non-hybridized and are farmed organically; all waste from the distillery is run through a tiered catchment pond system with the end result of drinking-quality water flowing from the plant’s waste back into the environment; the distillery is powered by biomass generated from the sugarcane fields themselves along with fast-growing renewable tree crops farmed on the property.

88 Proof


Product of Belize

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