Cozumel Rum

Cozumel Extra Aged 12 years Mayan Rum

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12 Year Aged Rum

Whiskey style nose, this is an elegant 80-proof spirit with a magnificent finish. 

These artisanal spirits are fittingly packaged in eye-catching limited-edition bottles made by a master glassblower. Varying slightly in shape and color, no two bottles are the same.

  ALC VOL:                   40% (80 proof)

 REGION:                     Chiapas, Mexico

 CASK:             Chiapas Oak (toasted) and American Oak

 DISTILLATION:            sugarcane juice (pot still)

molasses (single column still)

 WATER SOURCE:         natural spring, water treated and softened (demineralized)

 INGREDIENTS:             single blended from rum made with estate grown sugar cane and molasses

 PROOFS:                            off-the-pot-still:   130 proof

colum still:           150 proof
barrel-entry:         120 proof
MATURATION:             12 years in American oak (80%) and Chiapas oak wood (20%)­­­

 FILTRATION:                charcoal before resting and maturation, press filtered before bottling

 COLOR ADDED:         none

 SUGAR ADDED:         none



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1 Review

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    Posted by Yvette Chagollan on Dec 1st 2021

    Was really hoping to get this colored bottle, but I received a black and white bottle.

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