Cuish Espadilla Agave Spirits

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Cuish Espadilla Agave Spirits 750ml

The term Espadilla is most commonly used in the northern reaches of Oaxaca—either in the Sierra Norte to the east, or the Mixteca Baja and Alta in the west, and up into Puebla. Typically, it is in reference to a smaller subspecies of Agave angustifolia which is common in Puebla, but it may also apply (as in this example) to a small subspecies of Agave rhodacantha with long, slender pencas (leaves) and an elongated piña (heart). This batch is a thrill—bright and energetic, with a racy acidic twang and high-toned notes of white pepper and white flowers, candied watermelon, cardamom, and jasmine, alongside springtime vegetal and orchard fruit aromatics like pear skin and fresh asparagus. Exuberant and joyful, this is one to share with good friends in the summer sun.


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