English Harbour 10 Years Rum

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English Harbour 10 Years Rum is tropically aged in once used Bourbon casks, the characteristics of whiskey clearly reveal themselves in the spirit. Often referred to as the gateway rum for whiskey drinkers who are transitioning to Rum or are in search of something new and exciting.

Tasting Notes:

Initially soft and closed, the smoky oak flavors are well balanced with citrus, dried fruits, vanilla and burnt sugar notes. Coconut, cinnamon and tropical florals on the aroma prepare you for butterscotch in the initial taste followed by a touch of thick coffee and baked apple in the viscous mouth feel. The smoky cedar in the body lasts through the finish and opens beautifully revealing hints of spice - cardamom, rosemary, caramel and ripe blackberries. This mellow rum provides rich luscious flavours when broken down with a little water, giving a satisfying finish.

Notable awards include:

Ø  Awarded 96 of 100 points and rated as EXCEPTIONAL by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2009

Ø  Featured in the Broadway play ‘God of Carnage’ in 2009

  • Ø  Gold Medal 2010 at the Int’l Review of Spirits by The Beverage Tasting Institute scoring 93 out of 100 points

Enjoy neat or in a Rum Old-fashioned


40% alc

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