Entremanos Tequila

Entremanos Blanco Tequila 700ml

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Entremanos Blanco Tequila 700ml 

Visual: Crystal clear liquid, very bright, with silver reflections and nuances, with a prolonged flow of tequila, with excellent body generated during its proper fermentation and subsequent distillation.

Aromatic: Pleasant alcoholic impact, well accompanied by a variety of aromas, including sweet notes of cooked agave and dried fruits. In the background, herbal and citrus notes stand out, adding complexity and freshness to the perceivable aromas. Finally, there are pleasant toasty notes, a result of the agave cooking process in autoclave ovens. Even after the cold condensation process, the tequila maintains all its aromatic character and complexity.

Taste: Upon putting the tequila in the mouth, we can immediately confirm the olfactory promise of sweet and toasty notes, which become present with sensations and aftertastes corresponding to roasted flavors and the activation of taste buds responsible for identifying sweetness, even in the absence of glucose or fructose molecules. The smoothness and body of the tequila are confirmed through the mouthfeel and throat passage, with a slow flow. While the tequila remains in the mouth, we can distinguish the freshness provided by the product's own acidity, enriched by the citrus and herbal aromas found in the olfactory analysis. The finish is prolonged for a white tequila, leaving mainly the presence of toasty and sweet notes of cooked agave.

Comments: Everything observed in the visual analysis corresponds to the expected cleanliness and brightness, in addition to having a great body. In the nose, the aromas originating from the product and those resulting from its fermentation process stand out, very well defined and easily identifiable due to their frankness. Finally, the mouth experience completes the tasting of the product because it encompasses everything previously evaluated, such as texture, sweetness, and the freshness of the tequila. A standout, complex, and enjoyable tequila.

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