Fidencio Pechuga Mezcal

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Pechuga – This is the point in the process when Pechuga becomes unique. Undiluted Clásico is put back in the still for a third distillation and bottled, undiluted at 47.8%. Along with the mezcal, we add our traditional mixture of fruit: quince, apples, bananas, pineapple and guava. A whole chicken breast, skinned and washed to remove all fat is hung from the cap of the still. The breast is said to soften the intensity and round out the flavor of the mezcal. All of the fruit are from the mountains of Oaxaca and must be harvested during the very short, quince harvest. Pechuga is produced over a short time at the end of the summer. The fruit will have different expressions from year to year. 

100% Agave Espadín
Estate Grown in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca
Organic (Certification Pending)
Harvested After 10 Years
Vintage 2019
Production 900 Bottles
47.8% Alcohol by Volume
Triple Distilled
Batch Proof
Joven - Unaged

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