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Found North Batch 008 Cask Strength Whisky

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Found North Batch 008 Cask strength Whisky  750ml

Found North is a pioneer in blending Canadian whisky for the enthusiast whisky drinker. Using a selection of mature, well-made whiskies of diverse grains, the team at Found North strives to make rich, complex and resonant whiskies in small intentional batches.
We are meticulous about flavor, blending and finishing with precision and creativity and always releasing at high proof, without chill filtration, coloring or additives of any kind. Batch 008 was built around an 18 year old rye whisky aged in a first-fill Madeira cask. While this component only made up a small portion of the blend, we shaped Batch 008’s entire profile around the exquisite blackberry puree and earthy tobacco notes it imparts. We layered in a 22 year corn in new wood, a 23 year corn in refill ex-bourbon, and a 26 year old corn whisky aged in Hungarian oak as well, enhancing the fruit and wood quality of the palate while providing grip and tannin to the mouthfeel.
3,547 Bottle Outrun
18-26 Year Old Whiskies
Aged in Madeira, New American, Ex-Bourbon & Hungarian Oak Barrels
62.2% ABV | 124.4 Proof
87% Corn | 12% Rye |1% Malted Barley Non-Chill Filtered
No Additives
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