Honor Del Castillo Joven Cupreata Mezcal

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Honor Del Castillo Joven Cupreata Mezcal  750ml

Mezcal Honor Joven is a distinctive high quality artisanal mezcal crafted by Las Mujeres del Mezcal de México, an association that unites entrepreneurial women from various Mexican states. Their goal is to support and enhance the production of artisanal, high quality mezcal, involving women at every stage, from agriculture and distillation to sales and academic research. Their involvement in every step of the production process adds to the mezcal's appeal and makes it a testament to the strength, creativity, and contributions of women in the mezcal industry.

The master distillers responsible for its creation are Jeiry Toribio and Jose Calixto, and it is distilled at Cueva de la Coyota. The maguey plants used are aged between 8-10 years, ensuring the development of complex flavors. The traditional production methods are maintained with an underground/earth oven for roasting, a canoe for milling, wooden vats for fermentation, and double distillation. Moreover, the mezcal benefits from the pristine quality of spring water as its water source.



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