Hopes End

Hopes End Brandy Barrel Aged Cabernet Suavignon

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Hopes End Brandy Barrel Aged Cabernet Suavignon

Hopes End Wine: World’s First Brandy Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon 

With a story rooted in dark history, from a winery over a century old, in a land revered through the ages for wine, comes a new tonic that we took our time on making. After all, a life well lived is a life you wouldn’t dare rush. Neither should the life of your wine.

A harsh journey initially brought the Doctor to Port Misery, Australia. However, he found nothing more than lawless people and an uninspiring swamp land. Life here was spent looking for the next vice to pass along the miserable days. Devastated after his long and treacherous journey, the Doctor knew he had to say goodbye to the hope that brought him here and take fate into his own hands. From his disappointment, a new beginning: the beginning of Hopes End Wine.


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