Isautier 16 Year Old Molasses Rum

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Isautier 16 Year Old Molasses Rum 750ml

The Isautier family history on Reunion Island spans nearly two centuries.  Our ancestors created the oldest distillery on the island in operation to this day.  Our company has achieved benchmark status for Réunion Island rums through our historical pre-eminence and authenticity. We are hugely proud of our deep roots on the island, but the same time, we are very much a forward-looking company, through our continuous innovation and desire to win over the world!  Our dynamism is shaped by our diverse and talented teams, the dedicated sugar cane planters and the island’s rich terroir, with its array of exotic fruits and spices. Each day, with our local partners, we strive to encapsulate the soul and intensity of Réunion Island in every Isautier bottle.  This is the very spirit of Isautier.

Vintage 2005.

Barreled May 2006.

Battled 2022.

Distilled in a column still.

Tropical ageing in oak barrels in the distillery cellar at Saint-Pierre.



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