Izarra La Marquette-Green Liqueur 700ml

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Izarra La Marquette-Green Liqueur 700ml

IZARRA liqueur is still produced according to a time-honoured process.

For Green Izarra, more than 13 plants are used, including nutmeg, coriander, fennel, angelica seeds and roots, celery, balsam herb (also know as mint geranium), elderflower, coriander seeds, black caraway (nigella), wild thyme, cardamom, green aniseed and wormwood.

During the first distillation, only the heart or “middle cut” is retained. The heads and tails are returned to the still to be distilled a second time. The middle cut from this second distillation is blended with a double maceration of walnut husks and Agen prunes to obtain the distillate.

For Yellow Izzara, the final blend includes honey which is added after various macerations in alcohol and Armagnac.

Color : Green almond.

Scent : Fresh notes of menthol and camphor, with a hint of spice.

Taste : Good balance between freshness and the intensity of the plant flavours.


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