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Jano Spirits

Jano Spirits California Agave Spirit Batch No 2

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Jano Spirits California Agave Spirit Batch No 2 750ml

The unique California born spirit honors the traditional Mesoamerican process of fire roasting agave and highlights our California landscape from coast to mountain peak, made from 100% California grown agave Americana. This spirit makes for a profoundly complex and distinct flavor only found when crafted in small batches from hand harvested agave, we hope you enjoy and share this with your friends and loved ones. 

Varietal:100% California grown agave americana 

Ranch: R Garcia Farms 38.66436N 121.87428W

Location: Woodland California 

Cook: Firepit roasted 6 days underground 

Wood: French Oak 

Fermentation: Open top 4-5 days

Stills: Double distilled copper pot 


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