La Luna Mezcal

La Luna Mezcal Ensamble Bruto-Manos Sahuayo

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La Luna Mezcal Ensamble Bruto-Manos Sahuayo  750ml

La Luna Mezcal Artesanal Ensamble Bruto + Manso is a unique and small 300 liter batch. Both of these agaves are native to Cotija, Michoacan (and the neighboring Sahuayo municipality) which is where we produced this limited batch. Historically speaking Bruto and Manso received their colloquial names based on their level of difficulty they presented for local folk. They are literally the opposite of each other and their names speak to that. Bruto is much more difficult to work with and gives off carame, a type of sap, and will irritate your skin aggressively to the point of developing a rash. Manso, translating to tame, is very easy to handle and of less weight than Bruto normally speaking. Together these two agaves, although known to be polar opposites of each other in the region of Northwest Michoacan, helped us produce a beautiful and limited expression for this lot.


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