La Tierra de Acre Mezcal

La Tierra de Acre Cenizo Mezcal Artesanal

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La Tierra de Acre Cenizo Mezcal Artesanal distiller notes:

Profile: Acre Mezcal Cenizo is harvested from the wild and has a medium nose and complex taste with a light, smooth finish. The flavor contains spicy, peppery notes with an earthy texture and even a slightly lactic smell.​

Village: Nombre de Dios
Mezcalero: Antonio Panuco "El Tigre"
State: San Lorenzo Albarradas
Region: Durango
Maguey: Cenizo
Agave Species: Agave Durangensis
Age of Agave: 8-14 years
ABV of Mezcal: 45%


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