Laurent Perrier

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Iteration No. 25

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Laurent-Perrier  Grand Siècle  Iteration No. 25 750ml

Vintage in Champagne is usually synonymous with excellence for Prestige Cuvées. Contrarily, Laurent-Perrier believes that only the art of assemblage can offer what nature can never provide, that is, the perfect year.

When Bernard de Nonancourt inherited the House from his mother in 1948 he held the ambition to position Laurent-Perrier at the highest level by creating a unique « Grande Cuvée ». By observing nature, it became apparent that a vintage even when exceptional, was not able to reach the perfection he sought. In Champagne each vintage is different, revealing various characteristics and styles. Through the ‘Art of blending’, Bernard de Nonancourt realized that he could bring together these differing attributes and use their complementarity in order to create the perfection he dreamt of.

Grand Siècle was founded upon this unique idea in 1959: to recreate the perfect year, the one that nature, on its own, cannot provide.


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