Marianne De Paraguay Cask Strength Liberty Select Rum

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Marianne de Paraguay Cask Strength Rum – a pure single rum that is 100% Additive Free with no caramelized sugar nor color added!

Made from organic molasses and aged in French Oak Barrels, Marianne de Paraguay Dark Rum displays a rich amber color. Marianne is the symbol of the republic, equality, freedom and democracy.

Tasting Notes: A smoky, marzipan aroma with caramel and chocolate of the molasses. The french oak brings the vanilla forward while providing a great smoky finish. Bottom line, a sweet rum with a classic and complex spectrum.

• Extra flint bottle with natural cork and wooden stopper.
• Batch and bottle number hand written on neckband.
• Alcohol: 46% Vol 
• 750ml bottle

All ingredients are organically certified. Product of Paraguay

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