Marolo Moscato Dopo 5 Year Old Grappa 375ml

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Paolo Marolo is widely regarded as one of the best Grappa producers in the world. He is credited for being a leading innovator in Alba, the heartland of Grappa production, for departing from the tradition of working with a continuous still (used for efficiency in mass production), and choosing instead to work with a bain-marie discontinuous still. This alembic requires fresh pomaces and distills very small quantities much more slowly, but ultimately captures the yields a Grappa that is infinitely more pure, complex, and invigorating, with many dimensions of aromas and flavor. Moscato Grappas are generally more well-received by the average drinker due to their lifted aromatics and softer palate. This is Moscato aged five years and oak, which adds richness, texture, and weight to the spirit, while keeping the aromatics and fruitiness of the grape completely intact. It's a chewy, intensely-flavored, and complex spirit that meanders through fields of Asti's liveliest varietal, and slowly morphs into a dessert-like richness.

375ml 42% alc

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